Zina45™ Sonic Pulse Toothbrush - Rose Gold

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With its sleek and innovative design, the Zina45™ is truly the Tesla of toothbrushes. This is the ONLY toothbrush in the world with our exclusive polishing head that delivers a shine so bright, you'll need shades just to smile. Features our patented 45° brush head and 4 unique cleaning modes to help you effectively clean above and below the gum line, preserving your oral (and overall!) health. 

- Exclusive polishing head (only available through Supersmile®!) 

- 4 unique cleaning modes - Unique brush head that cleans under the gum line 

- Ergonomic handle that guarantees proper brushing 

- Alerts you when it's time to switch brushing positions 

- Automatic 2-minute timer to ensure proper brushing time 

- Touch magnetic charger

This feat of engineering features: 

Exclusive Polishing head For a professional polish with every use. 

4 unique cleaning modes: 

-  Ultra clean: For next-level tooth + gum cleaning 

-  Sensitive clean: For sensitive teeth 

-  Stimu-gum: Promotes healthy gums 

-  Super shine: Polishes + brightens 

Patented 45° angled brush head Features five tufted rows of DuPont® soft, nylon bristles for pro-level cleaning and gum health. The center bristles clean below the gum line where plaque and bacteria live, while precision-angled side bristles clean the tooth surface. 

Patented Ergonomic Handle Patented, ergonomic handle guarantees that the ADA recommended brushing angle is maintained (no thinking required!). Stands upright for hygienic drying. 

Quadtimer + alert 30-second interval timer alerts you to shift brushing positions, ensuring thorough cleaning and polishing of all teeth (top and bottom, right and left). 

2-minute automatic shut off  The timer automatically turns off after 2 minutes to help ensure the ADA recommended brushing time. 

Touch magnetic charger A chromed matching charger with a convenient USB end to charge anytime, anywhere. Includes: 1 ergonomic handle, 1 beautiful magnetic touch charger with USB, 2 patented 45• angled brush heads, 1 unique polishing head, 6 polishing rubber cups replacements.